Bettina Bennett, Chair

Marc Hall Photography

Marc Hall Photography

1. Why did you join the Junior Committee for the NYCC (JC NYCC)?
I was interested in joining because the cause is dear and personal to me. Having witnessed the after-effects of child abuse in a close friend, I joined on the spot.  Carolyn‘s enthusiasm regarding the  NYCC and their capable staff is contagious – They truly are compassionate about their work and it shows.

2. What do you hope to accomplish as part of the JC NYCC?
I hope to use my relationships to “get the word out,” and raise awareness and funds for the charity. So many children are silent on this topic and need to be heard…

3. Where are you from & what do you do in life?
I hold dual citizenship; European and American. I was born in Stuttgart, and for university studies attended Columbia University. I work as an actor, artist, and currently write for Downtown Magazine in NYC.

4. What are some of your favorite activities to do in NYC?
I love walking/jogging/biking or roller-blading (even in the rain) through Central Park, walking up the Museum Mile, and I very much enjoy walks with my feisty Yorkie on the Esplanade in Battery Park City. The Bethesda Fountain, the “Angel of the Waters” is one of my favorite spots. I also love walking through New York and seeing it through the eyes of one of Edith Wharton’s heroines, mainly Lily Bart; it brings so much history back.

5. I was infamous doing X as a kid?
Being the kid that never showed up to any play-dates because of my schedule. I was a professional figure skater and all my time and energy went into that and school!